The single issue that ignites the biggest fire in Maudo is the economic, political, and social empowerment of young people, particularly young Africans. Over the years, he has advocated for leadership roles for youth in business, meaningful support to young entrepreneurs, and increased representation in politics. Maudo is convinced that this will catalyse a paradigm shift which will see youth at the centre of decision-making in all aspects of our lives – leading to a more inclusive and forward-thinking society for all. He strongly believes in the power of committed, passionate and dynamic young people in driving a progressive agenda. In 2017, Maudo founded New Nation – an organisation that focuses on promoting civic education among youth, raising awareness on gender inequality and advocating for a greater focus on STEM in schools. Currently, he serves as a strategic advisor to the organisation. Maudo is also on the Advisory Board of the African Youth Leaders Platform – a project that is being funded by the Ford Foundation and managed by the African Leadership Institute.